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Here you can view our Open Data Dataset Inventory to access a list of different datasets collected, created and managed by the WSIB. Making our data open and accessible improves transparency and accountability to the public and to the people we serve.

The WSIB’s Open Data program is aligned to the Province of Ontario’s Open Data Directive and intended to enhance the way citizens obtain, view and understand our data.

By increasing public access to data managed by the WSIB, the Open Data program provides more transparency, lets citizens and community-based organizations reuse our data, and supports innovation. The Open Data License sets out guidelines for using this data.

Please email us your questions, comments or suggestions at

Public Title 海豚加速器白金破解版下载 Data Custodian Branch Access Level Exemption
Businesses Classification Details

This dataset contains a list of businesses with their  Predominant Class for that year as of April 30 of the prior year  including Businesses Legal Name, Address, Predominant Class and NAICS Predominant Class Description.

Actuarial Services Open/Public
CAD-7 Rebate Surcharge Annual Issue List

This data set includes CAD-7 employers name and address and current rebate/surcharge information for the issue year

Actuarial Services Open/Public

Provides summarized injury claims and benefits data on business registered with the WSIB between 2012 and 2016.

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Contract Award Notification

This dataset includes fields such as: reference number, description, contract vendor name(s), contracted vendor(s) address, contract start, contract value ($25,000 and above), procurement method and reason for exception/exemption.

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Directory of Records

The WSIB holds or has control of a wide number of general records and personal information banks. All of these records are controlled by provincial or federal legislation. The directory indicates which legislation the records are covered by for personal information banks (i.e. authority).

Compliance Open/Public
Freedom of Information Request Summary

The dataset includes a list of all formal FOI requests made under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

Compliance Open/Public
MAP Discount Increase Annual Issue List

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Actuarial Services Open/Public
NEER Primary Adjustment Annual Issue List

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海豚加速器白金破解版下载 Open/Public
NEER Rebate Surcharge Annual Issue List

This data set includes NEER employers name and address and current rebate/surcharge information for the issue year

Actuarial Services Open/Public
Number of Convictions

This data set includes all stakeholders convicted, number of charges upon which stakeholders were convicted, and fine amounts.

Regulatory Services Open/Public 海豚加速器白金破解版
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